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Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™

"The deep healing red light therapy really works. It reduced my knee inflammation and sped up my recovery."

5 golden stars rating

Shelley, Cura ProWave Customer

Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™ - Heal Sport Injuries Faster

  • Heal runner's knee, tennis elbow, tendinitis and more as fast as possible!

  • Deep tissue treatment for long-lasting relief.

  • FDA certified & clinically proven: Medical grade technology for your home.

  • Money-Back Guarantee: Accelerate recover in 60 days or get your money back.

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How It Works

Woman holding Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad

The effects of deep healing red light therapy on knee pain:

  • Tissue Repair: Our deep healing technology stimulates the production of collagen, a protein crucial for tissue repair. This helps with the growth of healthy joint tissues, supporting the repair of damaged cartilage, tendons, and ligaments in the knee.

  • Reduce Inflammation: Sport injuries often involve inflammation, and research shows that deep healing therapy has anti-inflammatory effects. This reduces swelling, redness and discomfort in the knee joint.

  • Modulation Of Pain Signals: Red light therapy regulate the release of neurotransmitters involved in pain perception resulting in localized pain reduction.

  • Increased Blood Circulation: Red light therapy has been shown to improve blood flow and increase microcirculation which enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to damaged joint tissues, facilitating the healing process.

  • Enhanced Range Of Motion: Deep healing restores normal mitochondrial functioning by supercharging the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This enhances cellular metabolism and improves joint flexibility.   

Our Proprietary Technology

Infographic showing CuraLights Dual Spectrum Technology

Solution discovered by NASA. Transformed by us!

The Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™ uses a Triple Chip Medical LED Diode with Dual-Spectrum Technology that emits both 660nm red light and 850nm invisible near-infrared light (NIR) to reach the deep tissues in your body.

Deep healing red light is not just a cosmetic fix that treats the outer layers of the skin like other devices. Our dual-spectrum technology supports pain relief at the cellular level and treats the underlying conditions that cause the pain.

Only 20 Minutes Per Day

Relieve pain in 3-4 weeks:

Week 1: You will most likely already feel a slight decrease in pain. 

Week 2: Your injured cells start to repair, and mobility will improve.

Week 3: More healthy cells are forming. Inflammation usually has reduced considerably. You are (almost) pain-free.

Week 4: Your body has replaced a lot of injured cells, and you should be able to return to play again.

Try Deep Healing Red Light Therapy Risk-Free

Graphic Of Scientific Proof Of Red Light Therapy

Backed by science!

More than 5,000 scientific studies, & clinical trials prove the effectiveness of deep healing red light therapy.

It's why professional athletes, NASA astronauts, and wealthy biohackers have used the technology for decades.

Icon for 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If our deep healing red light therapy pad does not heal your body pain, we give you a full refund. No questions asked.

While most of our customers are pain-free within 3-4 weeks, we give you an extended 60 days so you are in no rush to test our product thoroughly and benefit from this breakthrough technology!

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Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™

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Why CuraLights?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty and return policy?

You can return the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™ within 60 days for a full refund if you're not satisfied or don't experience pain relief.

All our products also come with a 2-year warranty. If any performance failure occurs, we will repair or replace the device for you. Read our full refund policy here.

How can I be sure it will work on me?

Although scientific studies and clinical trials prove the efficacy of the technology, we can't guarantee results. However, we can guarantee a full refund in case it does not work for you. So there is no risk for you to give it a try!

How long will the LED lights last?

Our medical LEDs will last over 50,000 hours.

What are the light frequencies?

The Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™ uses a proprietary Triple Chip Medical LED Diode with Dual-Spectrum Technology that emits both 660nm red light and 850nm invisible near-infrared light (NIR) to reach the deep tissues in your body.

Is it safe to use?

Yes. In more than 5,000 scientific studies and clinical trials red light therapy was found to have no negative side effects.

How long does it take to work?

Red light therapy requires consistency. To experience pain relief, you will need to follow your daily therapy for at least 3 weeks.

What does red light therapy help with?

Red light therapy can help with:

- Hand-, knee-, back- and any other body pain

- Joint pain and arthritis

- Nerve pain and neuropathy

- Post-surgery healing

- Skin issues

- ...and many other pain related problems!

Healing the same symptoms in dogs, cats, and other pets.

Can you share scientific proof?

You can find the conclusion of the most recent study published in the National Library of Medicine here: 

"LED phototherapy significantly and safely reduced the RTP in dedicated university athletes over a wide range of injuries with no adverse events." Foley J, Vasily DB, Bradle J, Rudio C, Calderhead RG. 

Can this be used on your face?

Yes, you can use the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™ on your face. While the wavelengths that the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pat emits (660nm and 850nm) are generally considered safe for the eyes and do not contain any UV radiation, we do recommend wearing sunglasses when using the device on your face for comfort.

Got any other questions? Just message us at

Technical Specifications

Certifications: FDA Certified, ISO Certified

Size: Belt: 20 inches * 7 inches

Medical Lights: 240 x Infrared 850nm lights + 120 x 660nm lights: Total of 360 light chips

Irradiation Power: 140 mW/cm2

Medical LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours

Weight: Product weight: 0.2kg; gross weight: 0.75kg

Power Plug: US plug, 12V, 2A: can be used with a power bank