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absolutely decreasing the neuropathy pain in my feet

I couldn't recommend this product more highly, Using 20 minutes a day, for a few weeks and there is major pain reduction and a more 'normal' feeling in my feet.
I wrap it around both feet at once. Am going to be trying it on my wrists for carpal tunnel syndrome. Great company and superior product. Lots of similar devices don't tell you how much is emitted from each lighting spot, but this one does, and the strength makes a difference. They even sent me a follow up video on usage of the product. They really care. Am considering their dental product also because this one is so good.

Pretty Amazing

I fully intended to wait for 4 weeks to give an honest review, but my results so far are pretty amazing. I ordered the device and treatment plan for foot neuropathy after chemo, but am using it daily for pain throughout my body. I have been using the pad for a little over 2 weeks and my neuropathic pain has improved dramatically. I use the pulse mode for 20 minutes daily. My only complaint is that the modes could be easier to navigate. Overall, a great product!

Promising results

I’ve only been using this product for 13 days, but I already believe it is helping whatever the problem in my right glute is! I have been able to get out of bed three different mornings in the recent past without pain! Im hoping by the time i get to day 30, it will be completely healed! I recommend this product!

Amazing Product and Customer Service!

I love how well everything was handled, from shipping to receiving the deep healing Led Pad. The belt is easily adjustable, and the red light therapy is adaptable to any situation (detox, pain relief, immune system, wrinkles, collagen production and so much more). Versatile and easy to use. I am very happy with this product and have already seen results in a few sessions only. Also, my sleep has tremendously improved. Highly recommend!

Good results

I'm suffering from severe peripheral neuropathy and have been taking various meds to manage the pain. They made me dizzy and depressed. There's a doctor close to me who specializes in neuropathy using LLT and I saw him a few months ago. He laid out a year long plan with with a hefty price tag. I was so afraid of being disappointed and in the end not feeling any better. I purchased this light system as kind of my last hope of any quality of life. I am 77 yo and 2 months into this treatment I can say I feel so much better. I still have some work to do, but I'm hopeful this pad will keep me going! Also, the customer service is second to none, no hassle just helpful all along!

My gums are healing

I can feel that my gums are healing. I'm usually very sensitive to products like this but I had absolutely no teeth sensitivity at all. My gums no longer bleed after brushing either.

Been using daily for feet & knee

Too soon to tell - been applying to feet for neuropathy & knee for arthritis & injury on a daily basis … 20 min each spot x 2 times = 40 min each area daily.

I no longer have to go to the chiropractor. This is great

You will feel a difference after only a few treatments. Skip the chiropractor (this has the same exercises) and save thousands of dollars with this therapy system. The treatment plan for neuropathy is great, love the holistic approach and clear instructions.

Fantastic Device

I got it to tackle sensitivity and gum problems. It’s been two months, and I'm feeling real improvements plus my teeth are whiter! What's great is that I don't wake up with bad breath anymore. The mouthpiece is comfy to wear too.

Great Red Light Healing Pad

Been using this pad for 8 months for neuropathy and lower lumbar back pain. It works very well and helps in pain reduction. Highly recommend!


This product is amazing. It’s durable and easy to use. I can already notice changes in my gums and teeth, even think it's tightening up my skin around my mouth. Great investment.

Helps my muscles

After a very bad fall I immediately used this pad and rather than having severe muscular issues, my muscles did not tighten up and I remained functional until I saw an expert. I was very impressed with how it worked. Regarding neuropathic pain, I can't honestly say, as that takes longer....but I remain hopeful. By the way - customer service is excellent.

My review

I have excellent dental hygiene but still suffer from periodontal disease! So in addition I am using this device in hopes of improving my gums. It’s only been 10 days. I notice less film in the morning. I will send another review in a few weeks.

Cura ProWave

I love my red light belt. It's been so ething I can't live without sin e having lower back surgery. The customer service is exceptional. I am very happy with my purchase.


I am a natural girl, always trying to stay healthy without pharmaceuticals. I had some pain in a back tooth and the surrounding tissue. For a year or more I would brush and floss more the pain lessened did not go away. I tried this and the pain is 90% gone now!

This has actually "moved the needle" on Neuropathy the specialists said could not be helped

When the specialists basically said there was nothing they could do to help my friend's horrible nephropathy, I decided to not accept that answer. I delved into research and found the CuraLights line of Red Light Therapy products. Prior to starting red light therapy the patient was almost afraid to go out and get groceries anymore because the neuropathy was so bad. When she did go, she always had to have a shopping cart to hang on to. Last week she told me she walked through the store without a cart! We are very impressed with the level of knowledge and support available from customer service. I am very happy that we chose Curalights - I would 110% recommend this company for your red light needs!

Quality device

I have a cheap light pad from Amazon that barely made any difference with my knee pain. Saw this on facebook and decided to try if this would give better results, since they have the money back guarantee.

Let me tell you it's a difference of day and night. The quality is superior, and you can sense the heat reaching even deeper. Spending the extra few dollars on a quality device like this is well worth it.

For Knee pain & Neuropathy

I have been using it for a week at least once a day and it feels good While it’s on my feet and on my knee. I’m going to start using it twice a day with the anticipation to see faster results!
So far, I really like it!!
Unfortunately, they are out of stock. I was trying to purchase one for a friend of mine who has terrible neuropathy.

Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™

Worth every penny

Have seen significant improvement only after 12 days. Grateful!!

Too early to know.

Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™


My new Curalites heating pad has given me effective relief from chronic knee pain as well as relief from shoulder and elbow pain due to an injury. The heat generated is soothing and never too hot. The pad is somewhat stiff, and I am small - 5'2" - so I do find it awkward to fit the large pad to my neck-shoulder area. I think it should be available in a smaller size for more targeted application in areas where the body curves, and for those of us who have smaller bodies.

Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™

Great for my neuropathy

I'm very surprised how well this light works. I'm dealing with tingling sensations in both feet. When I received the device, I did the first session on my right foot. While waiting for the device to cool down, I rushed off to run errands before I remembered to put the device on the other foot. I did feel a noticeable difference in my right foot compared to my left one after the first session. Now 3 weeks into daily therapy, I can say that it has improved a lot. I still feel it a little tingling at night, but it's made a world of a difference. I'm grateful.