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Joovv Alternatives: Red Light Therapy Panel vs. Red Light Therapy Pad

CuraLights isn’t the only player in the red light therapy game. Red light therapy is becoming increasingly popular due to its multitude of benefits. There is also a cultural movement towards more non-invasive treatment methods.

Another popular brand is Joovv, who produces red light therapy panels. But do their red light therapy panels really stack up and if not, what’s the best Joovv alternative?

Red Light Therapy Pad vs. Red Light Therapy Panel

The key distinction between red light therapy pads and red light therapy panels lies in their treatment approach. Pads are designed to target specific areas of the body, while panels emit light over a much broader area.



Ease of use

Body must face the panel, limiting the treatment to only one side at a time.

Conveniently wrap around joints and limbs for simultaneous treatment of front and back.


Heavy and usually stationary requiring a stand or rack.

Lightweight and easy to bring with you anywhere.


Full body.

Targeted treatment.


Starting from $599


Are Red Light Panels Functional?

The efficacy of both red light therapy systems relies on exposing bare skin to the light, as clothing prevents the light from deeply penetrating into our tissues. Many people feel uncomfortable standing for 20 minutes bare naked in front of the panel.

Another point of functionality is how these devices are being used. WIth panels, manufacturers usually recommend a distance between 6-12 inches. Since the lights are not fixed to your body, one has to stand in front of the device.

Consistency is one of the most important variables to the effectiveness of red light therapy when it comes to pain relief, so ease of use should be a major criteria for consideration.

In that regard, panels have shown to be rather impractical as they don’t fit seamlessly into people’s lifestyle. One has to actively make time for a therapy session, which is why most panels end up collecting dust after a while.


Joovv is a popular brand that creates red light therapy panels. Red light therapy panels put a strong focus on full body treatment, thus lack the ability to treat a specific body part. Panels are therefore mostly used by athletes for recovery, or for skin rejuvenation purposes.

Joovv Go 2.0 Targeted Therapy

Cura ProWave Deep Healing

Medical Device

Class 2 Medical Device

Class 2 Medical Device


100 mW/cm2

140 mW/cm2


660nm red light

850nm NIR light

660nm red light

850nm NIR light


6-12 inches from body

Directly on skin

Ease Of Use

You have to remain unclothed during treatment.

Can be placed under clothing to directly touch the skin.

Return Policy

30 days

60 days


Sit down for therapy.

Can do therapy anytime.


1 year

2 years





Both devices have a lot of similarities, and the question comes down to whether a panel or a pad is more suitable for your needs.

Those looking specifically for pain relief, red light therapy panels like Joovv limit you.

Joovv alternatives, specifically red light therapy pads like the Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad empower you.

The All New Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™ Is Now Available!

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Multi-Wavelength Technology

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Pulsing+ Technology

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CuraLights Triple Chip Medical LED Diode

Triple Chip Medical LED Diode

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CuraLights Hygiene+ Technology


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