Tips & Tricks For Using The Cura OralRevive Elite

Can I use this device with a teeth-whitening agent?


Yes, if you do not have periodontal diseases and want even faster teeth-whitening results, you can use the Cura OralRevive Elite with a Hydrogen peroxide-based teeth-whitening gel.


The blue light activates the teeth-whitening agent for even faster and better teeth-whitening results.


However, you don't need a whitening gel. The Cura OralRevive Elite was designed specifically for people with poor oral and gum health for whom such whitening gels may not be suitable. Our Elite Synergy technology gently whitens teeth without the need for any whitening gels. No gum and/ or nerve irritation. No tooth sensitivity. No uneven results.


You can find whitening gel refill packs in your local Walmart store.


Precautions when using a teeth whitening gel:

Do not use teeth whitening gels if you are pregnant, nursing, have severe allergies or are under 18 years of age.

People with severe periodontal diseases should not use teeth whitening gels.

Porcelain teeth are not suitable for cold-light teeth whitening.

Do not swallow teeth whitening gels.

The teeth are easily stained within 24 hours of the teeth whitening process.

Avoid eating deep colored food, drinking tea/ coffee/ cola/ red wine/ berry drinks, using colored toothpaste, or smoking.

How to use the Cura OralRevive Elite with a Hydrogen Peroxide based teeth whitening gel:

Brush, rinse & dry your teeth Paint the teeth whitening gel on your teeth. Avoid direct contact with gums.

Place the teeth tray in your mouth and bite gently.

Turn on the controller and choose the desired mode. The teeth whitening begins.

Brush or rinse your mouth after use. Clean the teeth tray and put it back in its case.

How to avoid messy teeth trays?

Rinse after each use with warm water. You may also use a gentle hand soap.

Clean with alcohol (75%) every month.

You can also use an ultrasonic UV light cleaning device to remove bad odors.