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What causes lower back pain?

Imagine your back as a frame, similar to that in the backrest of a car. This frame is made up of bones stacked on top of each other, with soft cushions called discs in between. These act like shock absorbers, similar to how car manufacturers use cushions to make backrests more comfortable.

When a car seat wears out, you start to feel every bump on the road more intensely. Similarly, if a disc in your back gets compressed or damaged, it can cause pressure on the nerves that run through your back, leading to pain.

Some back pain is temporary, like a muscle strain, while other pain is chronic.

Home remedies for back pain

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Lower back pain can be incredibly frustrating to live with and have severe restraints on our everyday life. From simple tasks like sitting or standing for prolonged periods to engaging in activities you once enjoyed, the pain can be persistent and disruptive.

To make matters worse, corticosteriods injections, spinal manipulation or surgical intervention are often the only forms of treatment for back pain in hospitals. Most of these methods can have severe side-effects, and should only be considered as a last resort.

Let's look at some home remedies for back pain first, shall we?

Here are the most common home treatments for back pain:

1. Cold and hot therapy: Ice packs are a popular method to reduce inflammation and numb the pain. Put ice packs on the affected area multiple times a day. Then, switch to heat packs or warm baths to relax the muscle and increase blood flow.

2. Exercise and stretching: Exercises that strengthen the core muscles and improve flexibility such as the cat-camel stretch, pelvic tilts or bridge exercises can help relieve back pain. Start with low intensity levels to prevent the pain from getting worse.

3. Relaxation techniques: Deep breathing, meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation can help relax the body and alleviate muscle tension.

Showing exercises that help to relieve back pain

Lower back pain treatment at home

The great news is, just recently a new form of treatment for back pain emerged and it has experienced a massive hype in the last 6  months!

Red light therapy has been used in beauty clinics for many years already. By sending energy-dense red light photons to our cells to provide cellular energy, skin cells are able to heal and grow faster. To learn more about how red light therapy works, read our blog "What is red light therapy?"

With it's dual spectrum technology, The Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™ has achieved a milestone in red light therapy by making this cellular energy available to cells up to 2'' deep. This allows our cells to speed up natural healing processes beyond the skin, and the technology can now be used for pain relief, reducing inflammation, faster regeneration & more. 

More than 30,000 Americans have already used this breakthrough deep healing technology in the last 6 months to relieve their pain. This innovation is currently the best, non-invasive form of back pain relief at home. Want to learn more?

Scientific review of red light therapy for lower back pain

"LLLT has also been seen to significantly reduce pain in the acute setting; it is proposed that LLLT is able to reduce pain by lowering the level of biochemical markers and oxidative stress, and the formation of edema and hemorrhage. Many studies have demonstrated analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects provided by photobiomodulation in both experimental and clinical trials." National Library of Medicine, 2018

"There is evidence that photobiomodulation therapy reduces pain intensity in non-specific knee pain, osteoarthritis, pain post-total hip arthroplasty, fibromyalgia, temporomandibular diseases, neck pain, and low back pain."National Library of Medicine, 2022

The All New Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad™ Is Now Available!

We've made our bestseller even better. Enjoy ground-breaking features for the most effective home therapy yet.

CuraLights Multi-Wavelength Technology Icon

Multi-Wavelength Technology

Feel your pain melt away with our new multi-wavelength technology incorporating the 2x most bioactive wavelengths for photobiomodulation: 660nm and 850nm.

CuraLights Pulsing+ Technology

Pulsing+ Technology

Recover faster, boost performance, and treat specific symptoms with Pulsing+ Mode.

Woman holding Cura ProWave Deep Healing Pad
CuraLights Triple Chip Medical LED Diode

Triple Chip Medical LED Diode

Supercharge your cellular energy with an extra large treatment area, 120 LEDs and 360 light chips with an irradiance over 120 mW/cm2.

CuraLights Hygiene+ Technology


Enjoy a soothing experience, optimal results, and superior hygiene with a detachable, flexible pad that isolates sweat and oil on the skin.

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